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Web Application development


The FundsInn project initially existed as a monolithic system, where both the front and backend were housed within a single Ruby on Rails project. This setup posed significant challenges in terms of maintenance, scalability, and agility, which, in turn, negatively impacted the overall user experience.

Recognizing the need for change, FundsInn's founder, Chandar, engaged KumoHQ to explore opportunities for enhancing the project. In extensive discussions with Chandar, we thoroughly assessed the project's current state and proposed a strategic plan to address its shortcomings. Our recommendations included extracting the front-end from the backend project, a process known as decoupling, and migrating to the latest Rails versions.

By decoupling the front-end from the backend, we aimed to achieve several key objectives. First and foremost, it would allow for greater flexibility in development and maintenance, as changes to one aspect of the system would no longer require extensive modifications to the other. This separation would also pave the way for adopting modern front-end technologies and frameworks, leading to a vastly improved user experience.

Additionally, our plan involved upgrading to the latest Rails versions, ensuring that FundsInn would benefit from the latest features, security enhancements, and performance optimizations offered by the Ruby on Rails framework. This upgrade would also future-proof the project, reducing the risk of technical debt and ensuring its long-term viability.

In summary, our collaborative efforts with Chandar and the FundsInn team aimed to transform the project from a challenging monolith into a more maintainable, scalable, and user-friendly system. By separating the front-end and backend and embracing the latest Rails technology, we set out on a path to deliver a more robust and enjoyable experience for FundsInn users while simplifying ongoing development and maintenance efforts.

What we did

  • Web development
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Migration
  • Frontend React
  • CI/CD setup

KumoHQ's transformation of FundsInn was truly remarkable. Their expertise and dedication helped us move from a challenging monolithic structure to a more maintainable, user-friendly system. The separation of front and backend, along with the upgrade to the latest Rails versions, greatly improved our project. KumoHQ's professionalism and commitment were outstanding throughout the process. Highly recommended!

Chandar, CEO of FundsInn

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